> Personal Taxes
All individuals must file their personal taxes on an annual basis.  As a professional accountant, I focus on each client individually and assess his or her needs and objectives. You can be sure that I will minimize your tax liability.
Examples of  prepared returns
I prepare returns from the simple to the complex:

•     Individuals
•     Families
•     Self Employed
•     Rental Properties
•     Executives
•     Employee Expenses
•     Investment Income
•     Capital Gains and Losses
•     Pension Income-Splitting
•     Late filed returns (up to 10 years)

•     Individuals – Minimum Fee:  $225 (1 return)

•     Couples – Minimum Fee:  $375 (2 returns)

•     Self-employed (non-incorporated) – Minimum Fee:  $750 (1 return)

Email for a quote:  oakvillecpa@gmail.com

Late Filed Returns
Every month throughout the year I receive calls from individuals and businesses who are late filing their tax returns.  Being behind in filing tax returns can be very stressful for many people.  Some individuals are only a few months late, others up to 10 years late.  I am always happy to assist people in getting their taxes up to date.
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