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Unlike most accountant websites, I provide a listing of fees for the main services I provide.  I feel this additional information helps visitors to my website make a more informed decision when choosing an accountant.  I believe it is important to establish expectations early on with regard to service and fees.  No one wants to be surprised with a bill for services rendered that is much higher then what the client was expecting.

My fees are very competitive compared with other professional accountants.  You can always find lower fees with the various tax preparation services that pop up mainly during tax season, but the trade-off is a lack of professional qualifications and knowledge.

Below is a sample of some of the fees that I charge for services I provide.  Every individual’s situation is different.  Some are more complex and time consuming then others.  Please email or call me for an accurate quote for the services you require.  
Corporation Tax Return & Financial Statements with a Notice to Reader report attached:

•     AVERAGE FEE:   $1,200

Email for a quote:  oakvillecpa@gmail.com

•     Individuals – Minimum Fee:  $225 (1 return)

•     Couples – Minimum Fee:  $375 (2 returns)

•     Self-employed (non-incorporated) – Minimum fee:  $750 (1 return)

Email for a quote:  oakvillecpa@gmail.com

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