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One of my primary focuses as a professional accountant is providing tax preparation and planning services to corporations and small businesses.  The primary goal is to minimize taxes paid to the government and maximize business profitability.

Corporation services offered include:

•     Corporation Tax Returns
•     Financial Statements
•     Notice To Reader Reports
•     Accounting and Bookkeeping
•     Corporation Tax Planning
•     Other returns (T4, T5, HST, etc.)
•     Late Filed Returns

Corporation Tax Return & Financial Statements with a Notice to Reader report attached:

•     AVERAGE FEE:   $1,200

Email for a quote:  oakvillecpa@gmail.com

Business Start-Ups
As a professional accountant, I can provide you with guidance in the early stages of your business.  A business can be operated as a sole-proprietorship, partnership, or a corporation. Professional advice should be obtained prior to making this decision. Based on your situation and needs, I will help determine if incorporation is the right option for you.  I also provide guidance in other start-up matters.  Examples include: deciding if it is necessary to pay yourself a salary, dividends, or nothing at first; accounting software selection; if it is necessary for you to hire a bookkeeper; HST registration and reporting; selecting a corporate fiscal year-end date.  Seeking advice from a professional accountant early during the start-up phase of your business can possibly save you a lot of time, money, and future headaches with Canada Revenue Agency.
Tax Planning
As a professional accountant, I can provide the owner-manager of a corporation with the necessary tax planning to minimize their combined corporate and personal income taxes.  Tax planning strategies include income splitting with family members, the issue of dividends versus salary, deferment of taxes, and eligibility for the capital gains deduction when selling a corporation.
Late Filed Returns
Throughout the year I receive calls from business owners who are late filing their corporation tax returns and financial statements. Some owners are only a few months late, others 5 years late or longer.  I am always happy to assist people in getting their corporate taxes up to date and welcome the business.
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